It’s time to feel the nostalgia of seeing your favourite cult classics on the silver screen once again.

Thanks to Event Cinemas’ Myer Centre team, movie patrons will have the chance to re-watch some or all of the ‘In The House’ cinema series next month.

Featuring landmark films at their finest, the series will herald the return to the big screen of some of the greatest movie titles of the last 25 years, including endlessly imitated Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator (14 August), David Bowie’s fantasy adventure Labyrinth (11 September), and the soul-stirring ‘mission from God’ of the Blues Brothers (23 October).

The ‘In the House’ series will also honour one of the ‘films to see before you die’, with Tarantino’s delirious post-modern masterpiece, Pulp Fiction, on 20 November.

With guest host appearances by Mitch Lewis from Nova and with a special on screen introduction by Channel 7’s Jason ‘Jabba’ Davis, and Quinny from Supanova, the festival will also re-introduce a new generation to real horror, with a highly anticipated screening of 1981’s An American Werewolf in London (9 October).

A host of activities will also celebrate the comeback of these epic cinema favourites, with special rewards set to benefit the most eager flashback film fan.

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