Singer-songwriter Mark Sholtez has released the most personal album of his career, The Edge of the Known World.

Inspired by an extended period spent living in Southern California, The Edge of the Known World explores relationships at the mercy of distance and time, touching on the consequences of pushing beyond those limits.

The beautifully rendered album is a collection of simple yet well-crafted songs with elements of ‘70s pop, jazz, modern day Americana and Laurel Canyon folk.

“I always let the songs lead the way and dictate the way they want to be coloured in,” Mark says.

“I find music more of a conversation, not just a secret someone’s overhearing. It’s a life performance. It’s like someone is coming in and sitting on my couch while I’m telling a story.”

Mark has had the privilege of touring with the likes of Sting, Diana Krall and George Benson. One of his favourite parts of his job is collaboration.

“Singer-songwriters often work on their own, but when you all come together in a room full of people to bring your ideas together, it literally brings everything to life in front of everyone,” he says.

“There’s a shared love and language in it all.”

Mark is also a Music lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland. He says he wants to empower young people to have the career and experiences he’s had.

“Everyone thinks song writing and music is based on inspiration and having intuition and that it’s something you just have to have,” he explains. “I want to de-mystify that idea, because
you can be taught how to write songs and be creative.

“I want to teach them how to confront that blank page and get creative.”

The Edge of the Known World is available now. Mark Sholtez plays The Old Museum on Friday 10 July. Visit