Hi-5’s new stage show, House of Dreams invites Brisbane kids to the best slumber party ever!

The show is filled with singing, dancing and adventure as the Hi-5 gang explore their dreams.

“I’m really excited and proud of this show,” says Dayen Zheng, a professional ballerina who studied dance on the Gold Coast and joined the cast of Hi-5 in 2012.

“The last two shows have had more of a concert format. This time it’s a narrative – we’re taking the kids through a story.

“The rehearsal period has been very collaborative; we’ve all thrown our ideas in and our little bits and pieces to create something new and fresh.”

Dayen says her dream has always been to perform, and she loves teaching children. Her Hi-5 gig is the best of both worlds.

“My personality has always been very bright; I’m loud and out there,” she says.

“I love interacting with children – I find I can have a very deep and meaningful conversation with a child for hours, which I can’t sometimes seem to have with adults.”

Although she loves her job, Dayen insists it’s not all fun and games.

“It’s not a 9 to 5 job; we are constantly on a plane, filming, touring and performing.

“People think it’s all glamorous but it’s actually hard work. It can be taxing on your body; even when you’re sick you have to get up on stage.”

She says she sometimes finds it hard to switch off when she’s at home.

“I’ve always been the child in my group of friends – once a performer, always a performer.

“You’ve got to be passionate about your art; ‘passionate’ meaning you’ll do anything and everything you can to do it.

“You need to have that passion and drive to get you through, otherwise it gets too hard and you’ll end up disappointing yourself.”

Hi-5’s House of Dreams comes to the Royal International Convention Centre on Wednesday 1 July. Visit www.hi-5world.com