You don’t usually hear of marriage proposals being used as threats, but then again there’s nothing usual about Russell Brand, who says he wants to ‘gay marry’ the PM when he arrives in Australia for his tour later this year.

The controversial British comedian turned social activist seems determined to make Prime Minister Tony Abbott as uncomfortable as possible when he comes for the Australian leg of his politically-charged stand up tour this October.

Brand recently said he wants to gay marry the Australian Prime Minister in an interview with Kiis 1065.

But after the PM’s dismissal of the possibility of a same-sex referendum on Sunday, it looks as though Brand’s going to be waiting for a long time.

Of course, Brand is no newcomer when it comes to taking swipes at politicians like Tony Abbot.

In his YouTube series ‘The Trews’, Brand is known to call out politicians who, in his view, don’t rail against wealth inequality and big business.

“I tell you what I’ve learnt, right, I’ve made a few quid, I’ve been famous a while,” he has said. “I have got a voice, I’ve got a platform, you can use it to do stuff that’s important and worthwhile.

“When I was a kid the only thing I thought that mattered was getting rich and famous and then I got rich and famous, and I now know it’s not the only thing that matters.”

The comedian has built up quite the following, with his YouTube channel surpassing one million subscribers.

And he often has quite a lot to say about what is going on in Australia as well, from issues with asylum seekers to Johnny Depp’s dogs.

Brand’s new tour, the ‘Trew World Order’, is expected to incorporate the same type of political comedy as seen in his popular web series.

“We’ve been told freedom is the freedom to fulfill our petty desires but TREW freedom is freedom FROM our petty desires,” the show description says.

“After a life of individualism and showing off, Hollywood, ruining broadcasting corporations and elections Russell Brand has decided the only way to change the world is to be part of the crowd.”

It’s through ‘the crowd’ that Brand believes we can change the world.

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