La Soirée is saucy, fun, and downright decadent and is a spellbinding concoction of vaudeville, acrobatics and slapstick which has thrilled more than 10 million people across the globe.

For the theatrical phenomenon’s 10th anniversary season, QPAC’s Playhouse Theatre will be transformed into an intimate salon setting. With a choice of ringside seats on offer, audience members can expect to be right amongst the action.

La Soirée is pure entertainment. It’s a circus like you’ve never seen before in that it seamlessly melds the old Victorian-era music hall style of burlesque with the jaw-dropping, singular and often inexplicable acts that appeal to a YouTube generation. The end result is a beautiful and delicious freak show for adults.

“Ten years ago when we assembled this rag tag group of fabulous and freaky artists from the edges of society, vaudeville and variety were dirty words,” says creative producer Brett Haylock. “Entertainment guides didn’t even have cabaret sections back then. Now you can’t swing a leopard-print bra in London’s West End or Downtown Manhattan without hitting a cabaret artiste who’s at the very top of their game.”

The Brisbane season cast of La Soirée is the hottest yet. The crème de la crème of twisted cabaret entertainers from around the world includes the awe-inspiring aerial gymnast and Brisbane Festival favourite Bath Boy (aka David O’Mer in wet denim) who will return to drench his gasping admirers once again. Mario Queen of the Circus is a Latin lothario leather-clad version of Freddie Mercury. Nate Cooper – a tap dancing, roller skating, razor-sharp machete juggler. Swedish duo David and Fofo are on a mission to change the world with a ping pong ball, and the devilish, cordial, bowler hat-wearing English Gents, who unleash inconceivable feats of acrobatic skill, strength and balance.

Sexual Gentleman Asher Treleaven’s act involves a blend of sexual contortions and a juggling prop called a ‘diabolo’. “As the Sexual Gentleman, I give an instructional reading from a very rude Mills & Boon book and then I do sexy diabolos for ladies,” Asher laughs.

“I juggled a lot in Byron Bay in my misspent youth and ran off to join the circus in 2001.”
Treleaven thinks about what he just said. “That’s a kind of tautology, isn’t it? Running away from Byron Bay to join the circus! I got kicked out of drama in Year 8 at Mullumbimby High School for not being serious enough – maybe that explains why I ended up being a stand-up comedian who doesn’t take things seriously.”

Good nights out don’t come better than La Soirée, he says. “This show has just come off the back of winning an Olivier Award – it is absolutely cooking. The best thing you could do is take your date, your partner, your wife … whoever! Bring them to see the show. I guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time.”

La Soirée plays at QPAC Playhouse Theatre from May 7-24.

Have you seen La Soirée before? If yes, what was your favourite act? Let us know in the comments below.

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