Esteemed filmmaker David Lynch has also worked as a visual artist for 50 years. His exhibition Between Two Worlds will run at GOMA between March and June this year.

David Lynch, known for works such as The Elephant Man and Twin Peaks brings his extensive body of paintings, photography and works to Queensland. The exhibition represents the relationships between his practice as an artist, filmmaker and musician.

The exhibition at QAGOMA features more than 200 works and will run from March 14 till June 7 this year. The works are organised around three core ideas —  ‘Man and machine’, ‘The extra-ordinary’, and ‘Psychic Aches’.

Along with the artworks the exhibition will include viewing sessions of each of Lynch’s films, videos and works for television. As part of the ticketing options you will be able to chose from a single film viewing session or a five film viewing session. Films must be selected at time of purchase.

Special events will also be taking place during the exhibition and will include the following:

  • A performance of the music from Twin Peaks by Xiu Xiu on Friday April 17 and Saturday April 18.
  • On Sunday April 19, HEXA (a collaborative project by Brisbane-based sound engineer, curator and composter Lawrence English and Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart) will perform Factory Photographs. In this performance HEXA will present a response to Lynch’s photographs of factories, instead using literal and metaphoric source. The performance will draw on the texture of Lynch’s images creating a, “cascading low frequency pulses and tectonic plates of sound, suspended in cavernous cathedral-like spaces.”
  • A discussion of the exhibition will be held on Saturday April 18. Here you will be able to join Associate Professor Greg Hainge, University of Queensland, for a discussion with Lawrence English and Xiu Xiu.
  • You will also be able to experience the exhibition at night via Lynch By Night, held on May 22 and 29 and June 5. Here you will be able to view the exhibition with music, talks, dining and bars.

This exhibition and the supporting events are a rare opportunity to explore Lynch’s entire creative vision.

Parents, teachers and carers are advised that this exhibition contains nudity, coarse language, violent imagery and adult themes (to say the very least).

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