Flickerfest 2015 is a festival that showcases the most innovative, provocative and wildly entertaining short films the world has to offer.

Staged at the Judith Wright Centre and running across three nights (February 26-28), this festival is full of short films that pack a big punch.

The Flickerfest team has handpicked the most cutting edge and creative entries to share with film fans over three big nights during the 2015 national tour. From Brisbane to Broome, Britain to Bangladesh, Flickerfest is your armchair ride to a selection of shorts that will amaze, move and amuse.

We chatted to Bronwyn Kidd from the Flickerfest team about all the amazing films she is sharing with us at this year’s festival.

Describe Flickerfest in a single sentence?
Thrilling short films from Australia and the world, showcasing the most creative voices of cinemas new generation

Your top three picks and why?
Virgin Australia winner for Best Australian short film Grey Bull because of its moving and intimate and mesmerising portrayal of a Sudanese refugee and his journey to fit into Australian culture, Bush Mechanics for its wonderful indigenous humour, unique slant on indigenous culture and left of centre odd ball comedy The Christmas Log for sheer delight.

What is the appeal of a short film?
It’s fresh, contemporary, independent and short!

What was the best short you have ever seen?
So many favourites over the past 17 years but a recent favourite the quirky and surprising German mockumentary Centrifuge Brain Project about out of control amusement rides!

Aussie shorts vs international shorts – comments?
I love them both! Australian shorts because of our unique sense of humour and world view and international shorts because of their view of other cultures.

Tell us about the four local films.
A really talented and eclectic bunch this year. The Duck is a delightfully sweet kooky animation, Fell looks at a relationship and what it takes to survive in a post apocalyptic landscape, Skin explores a coming of age story about fitting in and family and A New You is a fun look at relationships friendships and hooking up with the one.

Tips for making a short film?
Have a great story you’re passionate about and find the best team possible to help you make it.

Anything else our readers should know?
We’ve handpicked an amazing bunch of shorts films from over 2400 entries that you won’t find anywhere else. So don’t miss our global journey of incredible shorts at the Judy. Oh and I should mention there’s a great post screening party on opening night! Can’t wait to see you there!

Flickerfest runs from February 26-28 at the Judith Wright Centre. For more information, check out our event guide listing.