Do you enjoy an international twist to your beverages? If you answered yes, then make sure you head to The Gresham on January 20 to sample the best Copenhagen has to offer.

The Ruby Bar can usually be found nestled within one of Copenhagen’s oldest buildings, but for one night only, it will be making a guest appearance at Brisbane’s The Gresham.

Ruby’s pop up bar will offer six delectable and delicious drinks from its new Summer Menu, and we can guarantee that your biggest problem will be choosing which one to sample next.

Well known bartender Tony Friel will also be making a guest appearance.

The Gresham General Manager Matt Hewitt described the event as “a bar within a bar and a great collaboration of two bars.” It’s a somewhat random pairing of venues, if you think about it, but Hewitt explained how this collaboration come about.

“Tony is a old college and friend of mine. Tony said he was coming back to Australia for a holiday so after a couple of emails (and whiskies), we decided it would be a cool idea if Tony did a Ruby Pop up at The Gresham,” he said.

The Jubilee Sour is one drink you simply cannot afford to skip while you’re there, and there are claims that it can change your life. So, fail to order it at your own peril.

Hewitt said the main difference between drinks in Brisbane and Copenhagen is the weather and style.

“As Copenhagen is colder most of the year, drinks tend to be spicy and warming,” he said. “As Brisbane is a warmer climate and hot most of the year, our drinks tend to be lighter and fresher.”

As a bar, The Gresham is quite small, so we were curious about where this event would be taking place.

“We are splitting the bar in half, however it will be team event between Ruby and The Gresham,” Hewitt said in reply.

This is a one-night only event so don’t miss your chance to sample some fine Copenhagen cocktails.

The Ruby Bar pops up at The Gresham (308 Queen St) this Tuesday 20 January. For more information, check out our Event Guide.