For some of us, the prospect of hosting a party to entertain our friends and family is enough to make us sick. Others are natural-born hosts that find a house full of people to be the measure of full happiness. No matter where you lie on the host spectrum, here are a few top tips to ensure your New Year’s party is an unmatched success.

Create a guest list

Keep numbers in check by creating a guest list. Also let your guests know if plus-ones are alright to ensure your intimate gathering doesn’t quadruple into a uni-esque house party.


There’s always the question of providing drinks or encouraging guests to BYO, but for a New Year’s party it’s best to provide beer, wine, and some bubbles for guests to ring in the New Year. Make a punch for early on in the night and save the champers for closer to the countdown so everyone is still going strong well past midnight.

Feed them up

Prevent a bad case of the hangries for you and your guests by offering some nibbles to go along with your New Year’s drinks. Keep it simple or go all out with the canapés; the world is your oyster! Check for dietary requirements beforehand to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Use disposable plates

Avoid dropped glasses and smashed plates by using disposable plates. They used to have a backyard bbq casual vibe, but now there are ditchable dishes that are almost fancy, not to mention kind to the environment.

Have a bangin’playlist

Music really sets the tone for the night, and having a playlist ready to avoid the awkward silence in between songs. If you want to be super prepared you can even create a playlist of chilled tunes for when you’re ready to wind down the festivities.

Lighting is key

If you don’t want to splurge on sparkly décor, a few strategically placed tea lights in a darkened room can really switch up the mood and make everything (and everyone) look amazing.

Keep bins in sight

Place a few bins around to encourage guests to dispose of their empties so there’s not an extensive emu parade when the party dies down.

Make introductions

Be the ‘host with the most’ and encourage people to reach out of their friendship groups and mingle by introducing everyone upon arrival. Make sure everyone has a drink – especially close to the countdown!

Don’t miss the countdown

Keep an eye on the clock, or set up a countdown video of you’re feeling fancy, and send the champagne around well before the countdown so nobody is left toasting with an empty glass.

Chances are your fridge is still maxed out from Christmas festivities anyway, avoid sending the surplus into the bin and instead send it home with guest. Let’s face it – they probably won’t be keen to cook the next day anyway.