Business owner and designer Sacha Drake has an unorthodox approach to getting her team through stressful work situations.

As the owner of a self-titled premium dress label, which includes a flagship Brisbane Boutique and an online shop, Drake is no stranger to deadlines.

Encouraged by her mother at age 14, Drake started sewing lessons with a 70-year-old tailoress where she was taught made-to-measure pattern-making and sewing.  She continued her education by studying fashion in Brisbane, costume design in London, and film-making in Rome.In 2002, after working in many industries and countries, she returned to Brisbane and her design origins, starting her own fashion label.

“At the end of the design process, when a collection is due and you have around 80 pieces ready to go things can get quite stressful,” she says. “So, to deal with this my team and I have come up with a way to laugh at ourselves. During the process we’re all allowed one breakdown, one hissy fit, one moment to lose our temper or become emotional or whatever you want to call it. It’s a break from the tension and makes us laugh.

“We know we’ve all got that one chance. You have to laugh to get through the stress and go into your workplace with your teaming knowing that’s how it’s going to happen.”

It’s gems such as that have seen the designer invited to be the guest speaker at Brisbane’s upcoming League of Extraordinary Women breakfast, to be held on 11 November. The League of Extraordinary Women is a social breakfast where Brisbane ladies can meet like-minded women who can motivate them before they even start their working day.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for women to come together, both to network and in some cases to find a mentor,” she says. “Women tend to communicate differently to men, they don’t always openly talk about themselves and their business so this is an opportunity form them to do that.”

The League of Extraordinary Women breakfast will be held on Tuesday 11 November.For more information, check out our event guide.