Rachel Quilligan sat down with Prinnie Stevens to discuss the lure of musical theatre and a mutual love of Michael Jackson.

Triple-threat (singer, dancer, actor) Prinnie Stevens is returning to her roots in musical theatre after a dalliance with the pop music industry. A dalliance that included a stint on The Voice and being signed to industry powerhouses Universal Music in Australia and Sony Music in the US.

“I feel like I’ve come back to my first love, choosing to do this again,” she says. “The part of me that was saying ‘I want to do pop music’ – I’ve satisfied that part of me now. I’ve got an EP, I’ve got singles out … but musical theatre came calling.

“I learned really young you had to be able to do everything to have constant work. Being a triple threat means you always do different things all the time.”

After playing for seven years on West End stages, Thriller Live is touring Australia. A celebration of Michael Jackson’s 45-year career, the show features a large repertoire of his songs and his iconic choreography.

“We’re not trying to be him, it’s just a Michael Jackson celebration,” says Stevens. “There is no other Michael Jackson—so there’s no way one person could do it—and his vocal range is so crazy that you need both guys and girls, so there’s not a ‘Michael Jackson’ role, it’s shared between five of us.”

Stevens says she was already a huge fan and is “stoked” to be a part of the show. “I was obsessed! I saw him twice as a kid …people were crying and screaming. You never forget that feeling,” she says. “I’m excited about singing such iconic songs; songs that last forever.”

Thriller Live plays the Concert Hall, QPAC from Wednesday 14 to Sunday 25 January 2015. For more information, check out our event guide.