Brisbane is bathed in colour and light this month in the lead-up to the G20 Leaders Summit.

In the lead-up to the arrival of world leaders for the G20 Leaders Summit in November, Brisbane is lighting up the CBD with a breathtaking display of contemporary Aboriginal Artwork via illuminated projection installations, or Son et Lumieres. Craig Walsh, a projection designer and one of the leading curators for the project, discusses the installation.

Throughout the exhibition, Craig — as well as some of Australia’s leading projection artists — are transforming Brisbane’s iconic buildings into canvases for 3-dimensional images of contemporary art as well as world flags and images of Queensland’s heritage.

“It’s a really different project because it’s really about taking a lot of existing content, you know, like artwork, and then formatting that to respond to the space,” Walsh says.

Running for a total of 17 nights, the exhibition will feature a series of illuminated works projected on to a series of the CBD’s key locations, including:

  • QPAC
  • Supreme and District Court Lawn
  • King George Square
  • Queens Park
  • Parliament House
  • Story Bridge
  • City Cats

Featured in the exhibit will be works from some of Queensland’s leading contemporary indigenous artists including Sally Gabori, Netta Loogatha, Fiona Foley, Judy Watson, Alick Tipoti, Danie Mellor, Vernon Ah Kee, Richard Bell, Naomi Hobson, Douglas Watkin and Mavis Ngallametta.

“I’m applying a lot of the formal processes that I use in my own work to those other artists’ works,” Walsh says. “It’s about finding a way to be able to preserve these works so the integrity of the artwork remains.”

For a more interactive experience, members of the public are invited to enjoy the Paint Your City interactive kiosks, where they can transform Brisbane’s landmarks themselves on a virtual canvas with their own palette of vibrant colours.

The event will be held in the CBD until Sunday 9 November, drawing the attention of the public as well as showcasing Queensland talent to our visitors.

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