Brisbane’s accidental, mixed-genre ensemble Babushka air their dirty laundry this November at the Judith Wright Centre.

The four-piece ensemble initially collaborated as lost souls studying opera at the Conservatorium of Music. “We were all Sopranos studying opera and really just having an identity crisis,” Alicia Cush reflects.

With passion for other genres, the ladies had difficulty exclusively dedicating themselves to opera. “I would see an Opera one night and the next night a hip-hop band. And then I’d see my favourite electronic act and so it’s always been really diverse musical taste. And you get a bit frustrated in just that Opera box.”

Boasting two exciting new additions to their troupe, Judy Hainsworth and Arlie McCormick, they are returning to the Judith Wright Centre with their latest cabaret I Can Keep a Secret this November.

Having much success at the Adelaide and Queensland Cabaret festivals, I can Keep a Secret promises to also deliver the shock-factor with some very personal, real confessions from the ladies that even members of the Opera community can appreciate.

“Everyone who has come to see us, either reluctantly or not, that are either our friends or Opera colleagues have been so surprised by the arrangement, first of all, by the creativity and also the crossover of pop and opera. They’re most surprised and excited by the comedy element.”

The audience will be enthralled by musical delights from Carmen to Kylie Minogue and everything in between, as well as the gut-wrenching sharing of their hilarious, yet true, shocking revelations.

I Can Keep a Secret, Alicia insists, is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and would be the ultimate ladies night out. “Not that we’re excluding the men, but we’ve found that big groups of ladies that come along to the show have a great time, laughing at our ridiculous confessions and identifying with each one of us as a character.

I Can Keep a Secret plays at the Judith Wright Centre from November 12-15. For more information, visit our Event Guide.