Iconic musician and writer Robert Forster will host a conversation with the equally iconic Steve Kilbey at Avid Reader Bookshop next month.

After 37 years in the music industry, Steve Kilbey has some stories to tell. And who better to coerce them out of him than former Go-Betweens frontman Robert Forster?

Best known as the lead singer and enigmatic front man, songwriter, bassist of The Church, Steve has experienced both amazing international success and all the excesses that go with it, as well as a well known heroin addiction that saw him go through some very dark times.

The Church has been a significant and constant influence on the Australian music industry. Readers of his long-awaited autobiography, Something Quite Peculiar, will be keen to hear from one of the industry’s most successful, creative and long-standing key protagonists.

From his migrant ten pound pom childhood through his adolescence growing up during the advent of The Beatles, Dylan and The Stones to his early adventures in garage bands and neighbourhood jams; to his misadventures with a full time job and a 9 to 5 life and wild adventures with The Church as they conquer Australia and then the world. The tours. The records. The women. The heroin addiction which enslaved him for ten long years. The two sets of twins he fathered along the way. The acting, painting and writing.

From snowy Sweden to a cell in New York City, from Ipanema beach to Bondi, Kilbey stumbles through his surrrealistic life as an idiot savant that will make you smile as well as want to kick him up the arse. After coming out the other side, his tale is simply too good not to be told.

Steve Kilbey will appear in conversation with Robert Forster at Avid Reader Bookshop (196 Boundary St, West End) on Monday 3 November from 6pm. For more info, visit our event guide.