Want to see passionate people share their knowledge and insights about life with intelligence and humour? Then head to TEDxSouthBank 2014, held at the State Library of Queensland on December 6.

TEDxSouthBank 2014, which showcases some of Australia’s most influential men and women, is an event which inspires attendees, to learn, spread ideas and enable change. A speaking event like no other, TEDxSouthBank is acclaimed for bringing the viral TEDx talk by Tracey Spicer “The Lady Stripped Bare” to a world-wide audience. The TEDxSouthBank stage invites a level of sharing and vulnerability uncommon in other events, where the barriers that exist between people tend to disappear, allowing for greater understanding and engagement.

The first line-up of speakers who will take the stage at the 2014 event has just been announced and it is a diverse, interesting and expert-filled list.

The main draw cards include social commentator Jane Caro, sex therapist Dr Bella Elwood-Clayton and Red Frogs founder Andy Gourley who have all been announced as speakers and there will be a second line-up announcement made later this month. Other speakers announced today include women activist and philanthropist Deanne Weir, James Dale, Ben Stokes and Michael Douglas.

Through the theme Question Everything, TEDxSouthBank will give 300 hand-picked attendees the opportunity to see over 20 inspirational speakers take the stage. If you are interested in attending, you are invited to register your application online and share your answers to insightful and thought-provoking questions.

TEDx Licensee and Event Organiser Laura Stokes said that it was the openness and honesty of the TEDx format that allows the very real human connections that are pivotal to the success of the event.

“It is wonderful to see the impact TEDxSouthBank has; not just on those attending, but on those speaking,” Ms Stokes said. “Whatever the speaker’s chosen topic, these talks share a common theme of honesty and open sharing, and we find that resonates with people.”

“It’s an opportunity for attendees to learn, to be surprised, and to realise their own potential to stimulate change.”

This year for the first time, the event will also give people who are eager to drive change in rural communities, companies or cities without a TEDx, the chance to host their own simulcast event with a specialised TEDxSouthBank Satellite Pack available for download online. The unique addition ensures that innovative, inspiring and educational think tanks can be encouraged across Australia and the world.

TED is a non-profit global organisation that for 30 years has provided a platform for the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share Ideas Worth Spreading.

TEDxSouthBank will be held at the State Library of Queensland on Saturday December 6 from 8:30am to 8:30pm. Applications for the 300 audience positions are now open and close on October 31 for this year’s event. If you’re interested in applying, click here. For more details, head to our event guide listing.