Potted Potter lead actor Benjamin Stratton chats about fans, the show and Cedric Diggory.

The series might be over but Harry Potter still enthrals, with fans worldwide excitedly attending parody show Potted Potter to experience a different take on the story.

Benjamin Stratton, one half of the two-part comedy piece, says fans even dress up to see the show.

“To be a small part of the Potter generation is really special and you realise that when you meet people who come to see the show,” he says. “It really means a lot to those people.”

A fan of the series himself, Stratton says getting to play so many different characters is a lot of fun.

“I think my favourite part to perform is probably Voldemort because mine is particularly camp,” he says. “Dumbledore I also love and I’ve been told my Hermione is beautiful.

“My favourite character in the books is Cedric Diggory because he’s in Hufflepuff, so expectations of him are already really low but he still gets picked to be a school champion.

“And once he’s dead he turns into a vampire and ends up in Twilight – that’s my favourite part about Cedric Diggory, he doesn’t give up.”

Stratton adds that there is a lot of audience involvement and the show isn’t just for Potter fans.

“At the heart of it, it’s a comedy double act,” he says. “It’s watching the two people on stage fall apart in front of you.

“And we have a live game of Quidditch and a fire-breathing dragon – if that can’t persuade you, then nothing will.”

Potted Potter plays at Brisbane Powerhouse from 4-16 November. For more info, visit our event guide.