It’s time to come together and celebrate at Australia’s largest colour festival.

The sky above Brisbane Riverstage is set to burst with colour in a vibrant display of human spirit when Australia’s biggest colour festival, SpringFlare, returns as part of the G20 Cultural Celebrations this Sunday 26 October.

Bringing people of all ages, races, and gender together, SpringFlare is inspired by Holi– the festival of colours traditionally celebrated in South East Asia to signify unity between cultural groups and social classes.

An hourly colour countdown shouted out above the crowd will signal the start of the colour throwing festivities ,with thousands of friends, family, and strangers taking part and dousing each other with colour. SpringFlare 2014 will incorporate G20 themes with multicultural performances, food and activities from 11am to 2pm, and a live music program featuring Brisbane’s best emerging talent kicking off at 2pm.

SpringFlare founding director and University of Queensland student Mcklein Javeri says he started the festival last year to share the ideas behind Holi with a new generation of Brisbane residents.

“The festival is all about breaking down the barriers which create separation in our society,” McKlein says. “Crossing borders to contemporary Brisbane, the festival takes on a broader meaning.

“When you are covered in colour from head to toe you cannot identify one person from another. Anyone and everyone is fair game, from friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, child or elder. SpringFlare is a lesson in recognising that while we may identify to a particular culture, we are spiritually one.”

Creative Director of the G20 Cultural Celebrations Athol Young says the festival will showcase Brisbane as a multicultural, new world city .

“SpringFlare is a celebration of the rich cultural diversity that lives in Brisbane ,fostering a sense of togetherness during the G20 Summit,” Athol says. “We expect more than 10,000 people to participate in this year’s event making it Australia’s largest colour festival.”

Coloured by the University of Queensland, SpringFlare is a free community event for all ages, with international food, multicultural dance performance, exotic fashion displays, and live music from Brisbanes biggest up and coming bands.

For more information on SpringFlare, check out our event guide.