Dress up like the dead and get your zombie walk on for the annual Brisbane Zombie Walk — aka Zombiewood 2014: Rise of the Famous Dead — on Sunday October 5.

An annual event that was first introduced to Queensland way back in 2006, the popularity of the undead has skyrocketed since then, and each year there are more and more zombies wandering the streets as part of the Brisbane Zombie Walk.

In a new twist this year, the walk itself will kick off at the ABSOE Building in West End, where participants will amble their way along the area before looping back to the start point for a festival of zombie-themed markets and music.

Appropriately enough, the Zombie Walk raises awareness and funds for The Brain Foundation of Australia (last year’s event raised over $53,000). Despite raising money for a very serious cause, the event doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

“The walk is purely for fun and for those obsessed with the living dead,” say event organisers. “Everyone involved in the walk is encouraged to dress up as and act like a zombie, to the shock (and delight) of the unaware public.”

Not sure what to wear, how to make your skin look like it’s falling off, or how to attach protruding bones in a realistic manner? No problem. Simply visit the ‘Splatterhouse’ — aka the blood tent — to get some extra fake blood splattered on you for the cost of a gold coin donation. You can also visit the make up stalls and let professional artists ‘zombify’ you for a set fee, although we suggest booking in early to avoid lining up.

And pay attention to the theme this year — dress up as your favourite dead celebs, TV characters, movie stars, musicians, gaming characters, or one of the many dead Game of Thrones characters. Who will reign King and Queen Zombie for 2014? There are prizes for best-dressed, too.

All that stumbling and moaning is sure to make you hungry. Choose from food stalls including Sate House, King of the Wings, Tastie Thai and Dippin Dots, and get your icy cold sugar fix with Rainbow Smash slushies.

There’ll also be lots of fun, living dead-themed music on the Undead and Rot and Roll stages with The Drafts, The Blood Poets, Mallory Vanetti, Dr Parallax, Monster Zoku Onsomb, Gimpus, The Molotov and more, as well as gore-filled movies after you complete the walk.

If you’re a Pet Sematary fan, you’ll be pleased to know that pets are allowed at the venue, but they’re your own responsibility (specifically no horses, crocodiles or unicorns allowed).

The venue will open at 2pm and close at 9pm, while the walk itself has been moved back to the cooler, shadier time of 5pm this year. We’ll pump our rotting fists for that.

Come and join the biggest Halloween party in Australia and help Brisbane Zombie Walk maintain its top spot as the biggest and most successful Zombie Walk in the world.

Head to the deadzone (ABSOE Building West End, 51 Mollison Street) on Sunday October 5. For more info and tickets, head to our event guide listing.