Serial killers, cannibal clowns and jam doughnuts are waiting for you at this horrifying Gold Coast attraction.

Ah, Movie World Fright Nights. The only place where it’s appropriate to scream in public and grab at random strangers without being arrested or committed.

Every Friday and Saturday throughout October, Movie World will host their annual fright night events. Without diving too far into the murky physiological depths of why humans find gratuitous gore, blood and death so very entertaining it’s fair to say this year’s gruesome offerings are set to be the most entertaining yet.

First off, the budget for this year’s Fright Night is the biggest it’s ever been, meaning there are four creepy new mazes just waiting to be explored. This week I was invited to test out two of the new mazes while they were still in pristine condition. This was great for two reasons. The first is that I’m able to give loyal bmag readers a sneak peek into the event and the second is that I was able to explore the mazes before they are soiled by weak nerved people who have no business being at Fright Night.

For the first time, Fright Nights will feature a maze based on an Australian film, with a Wolf Creek 2 Maze bringing the loveable yet psychotic serial killer Mick Taylor to life. My journey through this particular maze was made a little more exciting by the fact that John Jarrat was happily standing around outside, because that’s exactly who you want to see after you exit a labyrinth of dark tunnels filled with screaming victims and bloodied bodies. All of whom have been killed or maimed by Mick Taylor/John Jarrat/who really knows anymore?


bmag’s Svetlana Musson testing out a Blood Bag Cocktail

For those of you who haven’t frequented a Movie World Fright Night maze, it goes a little something like this. You enter in small groups and are instructed to place your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you and told not to touch the actors, while being promised that they won’t touch you. Which is all well and good while standing outside in a well-lit area, but is less comforting when you’re in a dark confined space with the undead looming up behind you.

Inside the Wolf Creek maze you wander past a broken down car with a nasty surprise, fight your way through a creepy forest and end up in a dark shed where Mick Taylor is preparing to carve up a tortured man who begs for your help (sorry dude, can’t touch the actors).

I also took a spin through The Evil Within maze, where chainsaws whirl near your head and gruesome figures slowly creep up behind you. Based on the new survival horror video game of the same name, The Evil Within maze includes real-life characters from the game roaming around the pathways and embodies pure survival horror.

Other Fright Night mazes include Cannibal Clowns, voted by sadistic Movie World patrons as the maze they’d most like to experience based on their childhood fears, and The Ripper Maze. This one invites you to experience the terror of the cobblestone streets of 18th century Whitechapel, as the gruesome Jack the Ripper legend is brought to life.

Once you’ve had your fill of demonic clowns and blood drenched corpses you’re sure to be peckish and in need of a snack. If that’s the case then can I recommend you try a Pus and Blood Doughnut? It’s a Fright Night specialty.   You’ll be given a syringe filled with pus (well, custard, but lets not spoil the illusion) which you can hten inject into your blood (jam) doughnut. You can wash it down with a disturbingly delicious Blood Bag, they come in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties.

It’s fun for the whole family, so don’t miss out.

Fright Nights will take place at Movie World every Friday and Saturday throughout October.