If you’ve got an itch for monster trucks, the Big Give 2 USA Monster Truck Spectacular will scratch it in style.

Eight of the world’s most monstrous trucks will roll out on the night, taking part in a USA-style Monster Truck Freestyle battle. What is Monster Truck Freestyle, you ask? It’s when each truck is given two minutes to hit as many car and bus stacks as they can; the winner being the truck that makes the most spectacular jumps and creates the most carnage and destruction. Of course.

The trucks will also race each other head-to-head, and take part in a sky wheelie contest, in which each truck will try to get as vertical as possible. The Scooby Doo monster truck and dinosaur truck Raptors Rampage, always hits with kids (and kidults), will also appear.

The main event will pit the notorious Bigfoot USA — the grandaddy of all monster trucks, making its first Brisbane appearance — up against Aussie champ Outback Thunda. Bigfoot USA will be driven by six-time world champion Rick Long from St Louis, so Outback Thunda will really be up against it.

Event organisers have guaranteed that monster trucks will self-destruct at this event, and honestly, we believe them. But they’re probably hoping it’s not the Big Give Truck, which was built especially for the charity for this event and will be driven by New Zealand champion Danny Pattard.

The night will also feature the FMX Airborne Assault, featuring some of the world’s greatest freestyle motocross riders, including one of the original Crusty Demons, Matt Schubring.

Add in a flame-throwing Jet Quad — that’s a four-wheeler motorcycle powered by a T58 helicopter jet engine, because yeah, sure, why not? — and Brisbane’s biggest ever stadium fireworks show, featuring over $50,000 worth of fireworks in one huge pyromusical extravaganza, and you’ve basically got the ultimate revhead’s night out.

The Big Give 2 USA Monster Truck Spectacular will be held at RNA Showgrounds this Saturday August 30; all proceeds will go towards helping terminally kids around Australia. For more info, visit our event guide.