Flying Fruit Fly Circus are celebrating 35 years of ordinary kids doing extraordinary things with an action-packed production combining circus, break dancing, parkour and physical theatre.

Under the dynamic direction of award-winning director and choreographer Jodie Farrugia, Control Alt Delete showcases 16 highly-skilled acrobats aged from 10 to 18 years, as they explore their connections to ‘control’. Audiences will be astounded by the skill and energy of the amazing young artists.

This is a production that asks questions and demands answers. Farrugia explores how young people stay in control of their life, their future and their emotions and examines what pushes them out of control. Control Alt Delete exposes the fine line between control and chaos, delving into the ideas and emotions of the young artists themselves, in an athletic and inspiring production with emotion and meaning at the heart of every trick.

The show is backed by an original soundtrack from leading Australian hip hop composer Morganics, Control Alt Delete hits all the right notes and pulls all the cool moves.

Running from September 4-6 at the Judith Wright Centre, Control Alt Delete is a show for both young and old. For more info, visit our Event Guide.