Think three stores of laser tag, an indoor trampoline park, dodge ball and the craziest game of basketball you’ll ever play.

An indoor trampoline park with laser tag has recently opened in Brisbane, which is not only a delight for children, but for adults who love to act like children.

Thia little mecca of magic is located in Macgregor and is not only the largest trampoline park in Australia, it’s the only Sky Zone trampoline park in the world to include a three level laser-tag arena.

Here’s what you can do

Bounce in the Stratosphere

This is where all the trampolines come together in one glorious area. The Stratosphere is where you learn to fly and you can jump from trampoline to trampoline with your mates, get a feel for anti-gravity and teach yourself to soar. This is a good place to learn the basic skills of Sky Zone.

Play a game of dodgeball

Sky Zone has specifically-designed dodgeball courts, which are perfect for intense ducking and dodging competition. One of Sky Zone’s most popular areas, these team zones are waiting for you to unleash your inner-athlete.


The Pitt

The Pit

This area is all about big air and soft landings. The Pit is your go-to flip and fall destination. Get a run up, take your leap of faith, and land safely in a pool of huge foam squares. That’s the easy part. Good luck getting out.

The Wall

The Wall is for the serious jumper. The athlete, the daredevil, the parkour enthusiast, the thrill-seeker. Walk it, run it, sit on it and admire the view! Bouncing off the walls? It’s not for the faint-hearted.

Sky Slam

The Sky Slam is where the sport of basketball gets a little crazy. Bounce your way along a trampoline and jump up to perfom the perfect slam dunk.

Sky Zone is located at 544, Kessels Road, Macgregor.