All diehard fans of pop sensation Hanson, best known for their 1997 hit ‘MmmBop’, pay attention.

The band is returning to Australian shores on tour for their new album Anthem.

“The new record is really an album that was intended for live audiences and you can hear that on the record,” says Taylor, one third of the band that took the world by storm in the late ’90s. “We’ll be featuring songs from the last 18 years as well; we won’t shy away from that.”

The new music is more intense with a focus on positivity and overcoming adversity.

“We actually hit a snag when we started – we’d been on tour non-stop and working, and we really just hit a wall and couldn’t make the record, so we took a break,” he says. “When we came back together there was a really clear sense of what this record was going to be.”

Taylor says the band is excited to be returning to Australia, where the fans and the beer – a new passion for the brothers, who have recently launched their own craft beer label MMMHops – are best.

“Australia’s a great place to play, we’ve always had an amazing fan base there and last time we felt there was a real movement of good craft beer,” he says. “There’s a real parallel between independent music and craft beer.”

He adds that being on an independent label means less sleep and more work.

“It really puts more pressure on but we couldn’t be at the mercy of a big record company. We appreciate the music more than ever because we know what it takes to make it possible.”

Hanson will play at the Tivoli on 5 August. For more information, visit our Event Guide.