Australia’s best bluegrass musicians are set to gather at the Redlands.

The Redlands Bluegrass Festival has introduced a new full day and night concert program featuring instrument and vocal workshops,opportunities for jam sessions, a Saturday afternoon blackboard concert and a Gospel sing along Sunday morning.

The festival will run from 8 August to 10 August and features a selection of Australia’s best bluegrass musicians.

The Redlands Bluegrass Festival lineup includes:


Growing up in Victoria, The Pigs are a family band that has been performing professionally for over eight years. Their comical style has led them to touring internationally, and are known for their original tunes and ‘piggified’ covers of some of the most well-known pop songs by artists such as Britney Spears, Kanye West, The Pussycat Dolls and The White Stripes.

T-Bone and Stretch Pig lead on vocals and guitar, Cousin Archie Piccolo Little Pig and Cousin Shamus follow on bass and drums, with various other family members joining them on stage to add a fiddle or accordion to the ensemble.


Originating from Round Mountain in New South Wales near Byron Bay, this funky bluegrass roots band’s lively songs and heartfelt ballads are full-bodied in sound, personality and described by some as Irish-folkesque with modern tones. The Round Mountain Girls have a cult following all around Australia, having performed at various concerts and festivals across the country.

The five members sometimes deviate from the usual banjo, mandolin and harmonica and have experimented with different instruments, giving them a unique sound.



The Round Mountain Girls

Having toured internationally throughout Europe and the United States, The Davidson Brothers have paved their way through the bluegrass music scene having won three Golden Guitar awards at the Country Music Awards during their 20+ year career.

Multi-instrumentalists, Lachlan and Hamish Davidson are recognised for their high-powered acoustic performances brushed with a contemporary edge and are yearly favourites at the Redlands Bluegrass Festival.


A much-loved act at the Redlands Bluegrass Festival, Bluegrass Parkway are known for their strong vocal harmonies and unique, retro performance style of the 1940s and 50s – performing around a single microphone.

Having played throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States for almost three decades, Bluegrass Parkway are the longest continuously performing bluegrass band in the country.

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