Gold Coast cabaret institution Dracula’s has pulled back the curtain on its latest production.

Spiderlash, billed as a fast-paced evening of vampire variety with a unique new spin, is the latest offering from the Dracula’s vault.

A combination of burlesque, rock and comedy featuring acts like the Antique Illusion of Gore, the Aerial Chandelier, Satan’s Checkout, Spiderweb Fetish and even an INXS tribute — because if there were vampires, I guess Michael Hutchence would totally be one — Spiderlash looks set to be another success for Australia’s longest running dinner theatre.

You can sample the show’s vaudeville vamp style now, with this look behind the curtain at rehearsals for Spiderlash:

Spiderlash opens at Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant Gold Coast (1 Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach Waters) on Tuesday 8 July.