There is new fun to be had at Aussie World these school holidays — get ready to soar 15 metres in the air with the park’s newest attraction, The Ballroom Blitz!


The carousel

Rather than strapping on your dancing shoes you’ll be strapped into a ride that appears calm, but once on it you’ll find yourself flying through the air.The Ballroom Blitz carries 48 passengers and with your legs hanging from the seat, the spin begins. However, unlike traditional chairoplane rides The Ballroom Blitz spins, rocks and swings you at a pace not for the faint hearted.

You can also hop aboard the Octopus,this eight tentacled sea creature is as at home in the fairground as he is under the murky depths. Jump aboard one of his colourful arms, he won’t bite, but this ride is sure to suck you in.

Looking for something a little less terrifying but just as fun? Take your family for a ride on the fully restored 1927 carousel or hop on board the classic 1960’s Aussie World Ferris Wheel,which takes you high into the sky to enjoy a fantastic view of the Sunshine Coast and hinterland.

Aussie World is located on the Sunshine Coast and is the only theme park north of the Gold Coast. Featuring more than 30 exciting rides and games in a safe and friendly environment, it’s a fun way to spend the school holidays. Best of all, all rides are included in the admission price.

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