The Danger Ensemble will soar to regal heights this July with CALIGULA, a fresh contemporary performance inspired by the Roman Emperor’s reign.

Audiences will experience an orgy of images, sounds, flesh and ideas at CALIGULA when The Danger Ensemble gathers a boutique cast of actors, dancers and singers.

Included in the cast is Macbeth’s Chris Beckey, de-generator creator Nerida Matthaei and Silver Sircus’ Lucinda Shaw, for their most striking, stunning production to date.

CALIGULA draws on elements from A.D. 37 to 41, an era marked by lavish public spending, rumours of inappropriate relations with family before ending with the assassination of the Roman Emperor.

Director Steven Mitchell Wright, who also makes a rare stage appearance, says the extremity of the CALIGULA era drew him to the production.

“I’m interested in people from history who leave big impressions, those who live outside what is perceived as an ordinary life,” says Wright.

“In hindsight, I can see CALIGULA as a progression for The Danger Ensemble. The next in a series, perhaps, about these kinds of men or woman, the first being Loco Maricon Amor which examined the life, love and art of Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca.

“I would encourage people to look at CALIGULA and a lot of other contemporary work in the way they would consider a song, or music video, or piece of visual art, rather than in the way they’ve been raised to experience‘theatre’.

“I think we were taught to believe that if there are performers saying words, then they will tell us what to think, they will tell us what the work is about, but I think that time for audiences is over.”

Event details:

What: Caligula, The Danger Ensemble

Where: Performance Space, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, 420 Brunswick St (Cnr Berwick St), Fortitude Valley.

When: Thursday 3 – Saturday 12 July.

Tickets: From $20, book on the Judith Wright Centre website or call (07) 3872 9000