Rachel Quilligan is sanguine about cabaret restaurant Dracula’s new show…

The stakes are rising yet again for Dracula’s new show Spiderlash, which is set to be bigger than ever.

“Like ever with Drac’s, it’s taking it up another notch,” says Richard Macionis, cast member and acting show director. “They’re going to explode the building because it gets bigger every year.”

Using the creepiest of critters for inspiration, Spiderlash channels sexy burlesque more than cheesy, old-school horror.

“There will be a thread of spider acts in the show – just enough to tantalise those people who hate them, like me,” says Macionis. “But we have moved away from the traditional horror theme that it was ten, twenty years ago; now it’s more burlesque and gothic, with very sexy imagery.

“People come to our show and say ‘Why wasn’t Dracula there?’ I think they’re expecting the Count from Sesame Street up on stage.”

Macionis says that biting comedy is still a driving factor of the show and keeps every night fresh for the cast and audience.

“It’s not for the faint-hearted,” he says. “We found that we got a little too staid over the last few years and realised we had to go back to the way we were, and it’s worked.”

Despite never predicting he’d stay with Dracula’s for over ten years, Macionis says he’s happy to be a vampire forever.

“I like the lifestyle of the vampire,” he says. “We live it. We go home and have dinner at midnight, some of us go to bed at sunrise – that’s normal.”

Dracula’s Spiderlash starts 8 July. To book tickets visit the website or call (07) 5575 1000.