Autistic children won’t have to battle the general public crowds to join in the activities at this year’s Lego Expo

The BrisBrick Lego Fan Expo is coming to Brisbane again this year showcasing displays by both professionals are die-hard Lego fans.
The event, hosted by not-for-profit organisation BrisBricks, is running a specific session for Autistic children and their families.
This session will be held on the Sunday morning from 9-10:30am before the general entry crowds arrive.
According to Autism Spectrum Austalia, approximately 230,000 Australians live with Autism.
The main areas of difficulty in living with Autism are in social communication, social interaction and restricted or repetitive behaviours and interests.
This morning will allow these children and their families to enjoy the activities of the Expo, without the stress of dealing with large crowds.
Tickets are limited for this special event, to book visit
BrisBricks Lego Expo will run from Saturday June 7 to Monday 9th June.