The battle for the Celtic throne is no game in Boadicea…

The stage will be awash with blood and audiences will tremble to the thunderous sound of a 50-voice ensemble when Boadicea – The Celtic Rock Opera turns La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre into a battleground.

This epic tale of rebellion and revenge set in 60AD tells of a time when Celtic tribes and Britons were mercilessly ruled by Nero, the insane Roman Emperor.

Boadicea, the tribal warrior queen has been battered and betrayed. Her husband has been murdered, her people butchered, and now she wants blood!

Brisbane’s own rock royalty and Women in Voice favourite, Alison St Ledger, is a tour de force as Boadicea (pictured).

Director David Bell says the show is about protecting your homeland, which is why people go to war.

“Boadicea shows the inequity of a culture being invaded by a superior military force,” Bells says.

“It’s a story that has currency from thousands of year to the present day – the colonialisation of an Indigeneous people trying to protect themselves from invaders. There will be plenty of blood and carnage.”

Think Game of Thrones meets Xena Warrior Princess but bigger!

Co-writer Judy Stevens says Boadicea was big, loud-mouthed and was really a quite unpleasant person.

“She was a true warrior and the Romans were terrified of her because they didn’t like the idea of fighting women in battle.”

Catch the production at La Boite Theatre Company’s Roundhouse Theatre, 27 May to 7 June. Book at the box office: 3007 8600.