Aussie hip hop greats Bliss n Eso are preparing for their biggest tour yet by taking the tunes outdoors.

After being an integral part in revolutionising the Australian hip hop scene there isn’t much this talented trio can’t face – a 15-date outdoor tour probably seems like a piece of cake.

“It’s going to be amazing man, we’ve definitely stepped it up this time,” says Max ‘Eso’ MacKinnon. “I’ve obviously been to a Bliss n Eso show before and even I’ve never seen it sound this good, so if you have been to one this is definitely a chance for you to see something new.”

With LA native Ceekay Jones flying over for guitar, a grand piano being used for keys, and soul singers enlisted for backup, this certainly will be a concert to remember.

“I don’t want to get poetic but the music is not boxed in so why should the live show be?” says Eso. “We’ve done a lot of shows in venues and we love it, but… we did a show in Brisbane at Riverstage and it was just absolutely amazing outdoors, having that setting and the galaxy as your backdrop.

“I did think, ‘what if it rains?’ but I think we’ve made a deal with the gods so we should be alright.”

Fans can expect to hear old favourites mixed in with new tracks from Bliss n Eso’s latest album Circus in the Sky.

For us it’s going to be original and fresh and there’s going to be a lot of songs we’ve never done before so that’s going to be great, but there’s also going to be some oldies in there for people,” says Eso. “We’ve done a lot of research for what people want as songs to be played for this tour. We even had a little competition for what tracks you want played, so there’ll be some definite old favourites in there.”

Also joining support acts Horrorshow and Seth Sentry will be a local hip hop artist from each town the tour visits, after fans voted on a competition held by Bliss n Eso aimed at finding new local talent.

“We’ve had our headphones on and we’ve been listening, so now it’s up to the people,” says Eso. “I’m actually blown away by how much talent is out there that I didn’t know about. There was a girl rapper from Brisbane, Chelsea Jane, she was awesome.”

Eso says the competition was inspired by their own experience trying to break into the industry and they’re excited to help foster unknown talent.

“I remember how it was for us, I remember when we were 15 or 16 trying to figure it out. Do you write the lyrics first? Did you make the beat first? How do you make the beat? What’s the best beat machine?” he says. “You could barely find hip hop in general at any of the CD stores let alone see hip hop groups at festivals. It’s just absolutely amazing to see how far it’s grown and how it has just kept its integrity and it’s still so honest and modest.

“In our starting days, if there was a chance for us to get onstage in front of the crowds that Bliss n Eso pull now, we’d have jumped at it.”

Bliss n Eso will be playing at the Riverstage on Thursday, 24 April for their Circus in the Sky tour. For more information, visit