Following her passion has taken Australian dancer Stephanie Goldhahn to the other side of the world.

From Woolloongong to Estonia and now to Russia, Stephanie Goldhahn has chased challenges around the globe, always pushing herself to the next level of dance.

“I wanted a new experience,” she says. “It’s a great honour, a dream come true. I never thought this would happen.”

Looking forward to showing her family how far she’s come, Goldhahn says it’s an honour to be the first Australian to tour with the Imperial Russian Ballet.

“It’s still kind of not real that I’m here,” she says. “I watched this ballet performed in my town with my parents, so coming back with the exact same ballet is so surreal, I don’t really believe it’s true.”

Leaving her position in an Estonian dance company to join the Imperial Russian Ballet, the journey hasn’t always been smooth for Goldhahn, especially with language barriers.

“I get very stressed out trying to be perfect already so it’s hard for me because I like getting feedback or corrections,” she says.

“I always worry if I miss something or I’m late because I don’t really get the feedback I need.”

She’s thrilled to journey back home on tour with the company and is excited to perform Don Quixote, a timeless story of romance and high comedy, for Brisbane audiences.

“I think they won’t expect it to be so comedic,” says Goldhahn. “There’s a lot of things happening, not just dancing.”

Don Quixote is on 4 and 5 April, QPAC, to book: 136 246.