Want to catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this Saturday? Forget standing twenty deep in the crowd – we’ve got the top five vantage points to see the Prince and Princess.

The royal couple is coming to Brisbane this Saturday and after an exclusive reception at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will take a public stroll along Russell Street in South Bank.

Starting at the Grey Street end of Russell Street, the Duke and Duchess’ walk will commence at 2.50pm and will see them parade down the strip between the ABC Centre and QPAC towards the Cultural Forecourt.

For the best chance of seeing their Royal Highnesses up close and personal get to South Bank early and take up a position along Russell Street – but if you want to avoid the crush of the main crowd we’ve got the top five spots to try and catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess.

1. The Wheel

Nothing like a bird’s eye view of royals to make you feel above it all. While you’ll be a fair distance away you’ll certainly have a clear view of the famous couple.

2. Cultural Forecourt

A large screen will show live coverage of the royals and if you get your spot just right, you might be able to catch a real-life glimpse of them as they reach the end of their walk, too.

3. The Arbour walkway

You’ll have to watch out for the bougainvillea, but this little spot should give you an excellent royal-spotting position as they round the corner towards the Forecourt.

4. Playhouse (QPAC) stairs

You might not be able touch hands with Princess Catherine but you’ll be able to see her and William from your vantage point above the crowds. Umbrellas and particularly tall people won’t be a worry for you.

5. Outside the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

At 1.55pm their Royal Highnesses will arrive at the Convention Centre for a private reception with political dignitaries and representatives of charitable causes that are close to the hearts of Kate and William, including people from homeless and welfare groups, drought-affected rural areas, and the disability and arts sectors. You might be able to catch a glimpse of Kate and William as they arrive in their royal motorcade, or after the reception as they depart and head to Russell Street for the public walk – worth a try!

Will you head into South Bank to see Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Let us know where you plan to get the best view!

See here for a map of the road closures. Times and locations are subject to change.