The Vagina Monologues are coming to town, writes Laura Brodnik.

Since its premiere in 1996 The Vagina Monologues has continued to amuse, excite and at times horrify theatre goers across the globe and now the irreverently famous play is coming to Brisbane.

The show is a celebration of women’s sexuality, strength and humour and covers the full gamut of women’s issues from traumatic first dates to the more serious issue of domestic violence.

Veteran Sunshine Coast-based actress Joy Marshall has been tasked with bringing the role of the narrator to life, a role that keeps the show moving and in her own words is “the brood hen gathering up all the chicks.

“The show touches on some very taboo subjects, but in a humorous way,” Marshall says.

“It does cover some more traumatic issues as well, like violence and rape. But they are all issues that are talked about very openly and in a way that really speaks to the audience.”

Marshall has been a performer since she first stepped on stage at age four.

“I do love this show but to be honest I’m a bit of a theatre slut, I’ll take any role!” she laughs.

“What’s unique about it is the way it opens up discussions about our bodies.

“I get the most enjoyment from comedy and stage and this show has both.”

The episodic play, written by Eve Ensler, was inspired by interviews conducted with more than 200 women across the world and has continued to spellbind audiences for decades.

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