Brisbane’s horticultural guru, Linda Brennan, will be educating locals on how to create organic veggie gardens, at a free workshop on March 9.

Turn your backyard into a healthy haven of organic vegetables with some horticultural advice from expert Linda Brennan.

Brennan, an environmental lecturer at QUT as well as an organics specialist, is hoping to foster some community camaraderie with her passion for healthier gardens, at free workshops to be held at Bethania St Community Garden next month.

“I’ve noticed a growing trend for people to grow their own fruit and vegetables over the last three-to four years. It may be due to our increased awareness about how chemical-free foods contribute to health and well-being,” says Brennan.

She will be teaching the fundamentals of organic gardening, including sitting a garden, soil preparation, composting, fertilising organic pest management and the best varieties to grow in Queensland’s sub-tropical climate.

Brennan believes organic vegetables are a healthier, tastier and often cheaper option than supermarket-purchased produce.

“I will aim to build the organic knowledge and expertise of those who attend,” she says. “As an environmental educator, I also seek to help people make significant links to the wider environment that bring about positive environmental outcomes.”

Brennan works with schools, families and communities at gardens across the greater Brisbane region.

If you are unable to grow an organic vegetable garden at home, the Bethania St Community Garden has plenty of plots available for locals.

The garden was created by Wynnum Manly Community Gardens Group (WMCGG) in September 2011, to promote local planting and to help build community friendships.

It is open daily between dawn and dusk, and is located in Cox Park – a five-minute walk from Lota railway station.

There is also a children’s playgroup available for parents between 8:30-10:30am on Tuesdays.

Linda’s workshop is free, but booking is essential. Contact Jenny on 3904 8585, or visit our event guide, for more information.