Students in Queensland will benefit from the state’s first Global Food Forum in February.

The Queensland first event is an opportunity for senior secondary students to discuss the issues and opportunities for Australia’s agriculture industry that will arise from both the global population growth and the changing dietary habits of an expanding Asian middle-class.

The Forum’s program will provide an intense, one-day insight into this global issue of feeding nine billion people in the year 2050 and its solutions from world experts at St Laurence’s College in South Brisbane.

St Laurence’s College are inviting students across the state to join world experts at the Global Food Forum event in February, bringing Australia’s place to the table.

St Laurence’s College Principal Ian McDonald says it’s something that needs to be discussed amongst the current generation of students.

“To bring together so many talented, young people and to acknowledge that they are part of a global world confronting a critical issue of world demography, is an opportunity to educate future leaders” he says.

Guest speakers expected include CSIRO’s Dr Brian Keating, Sustainable Agriculture Flagship Director and University of Queensland (UQ) Professor, Dr Robert Henry, Director QLD Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation (QAAFI) Director and author of ‘The Coming Famine’ Julian Cribb.

The Global Food Forum will be held at the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre, St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane on Thursday 27 February 2014, from 8.30am to 2.30pm.

Schools and students in Queensland are able to register and pay for tickets now on the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre‘s website.