You may have missed ‘Spring Cleaning’, but this Sunday you can fill your car to the brim and join Eagle Farm Market’s Closet Cleanout to de-clutter your wardrobe.

Is your closet in dire need of a clean out or maybe it has morphed into a floor-drobe and you desperately need to have a clean-out so you can remember what clothes you have.

Before Sunday’s Eagle Farm Market’s Closet Cleanout, you can follow these tips to cleaning out your closet:

What’s the feeling?- If it’s flattering, projects the image you want and you still love it, keep it! However, it if makes you feel guilty or sad or you haven’t worn it in years because you’re unsure of it or it doesn’t fit or it needs alterations, lose it.

Worth- Does the value of the item outweigh the value of the free space? If the space is worth more than get rid of it.

Closet shop- Imagine your wardrobe is a shop, would you still purchase that item? If not, you have to ask yourself why and whether it needs to go.

Let go- Yes fashions may come back around, but that is not a good excuse to hold onto those parachute pants or bell bottom jeans.

Eagle Farm Market’s Retail Markets Manager Alison Campbell says a number of people are expected to attend the event with their items at the ready to be sold in what should be a fun and unique event to add to the regular markets.

“Antiques, clothing, knick-knacks, trinkets – who knows what people will bring with them.

“That’s what makes this event so much fun. These are real treasures that people are willing to part with and I’m sure there will be some amazing finds and bargains to be had,”she says.

Ms Campbell says the Eagle Farm Market’s Closet Cleanout concept was easy and will partner with the weekly Eagle Farm Market, which is drawing thousands of people each Sunday for its fashion, food and bargains.

“It’s going to be a fun filled day of selling wares, or just a great opportunity for a good old haggle over a once loved treasure,” Ms Campbell says.

To be part of the clean out, participants must pre-book a ticket by calling (07) 3915 4277.

What are your tricks for cleaning out the closet?