Comedy experts are on the prowl for Australia’s hidden humourists.

Being funny is one thing, but do you have the courage to hike the ultimate comedy cliff face; RAW comedy?

RAW comedy is a Melbourne International Comedy Festival initiative that has launched countless comedians’ careers since 1996, including Chris Lilley, Josh Thomas, Peter Helliar, Claire Hooper and Tim Minchin.

The national open mic comedy competition aims to lure comedians hiding in offices, workplaces, classrooms, pubs and homes to conquer their fears and battle fellow jokers with their funniest five minutes on stage.

RAW Comedy has supplied some helpful tips from their regular judges on their website to help people prepare for their five minutes of hilarity:

The Do’s

1. Always prepare your show.
2. Try to see some RAW Comedy heats before your own, this way you can steer clear of repetition.
3. Use the stage to your advantage- use the whole space and the microphone correctly.
4. Hit the ground running and start strong.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t abuse the audience.
2. Don’t imitate or steal material from others and don’t reuse old material you’ve entered in RAW Comedy before.
3. Don’t step on your own punchlines.
4. Don’t be vulgar for the sake of a cheap joke.

The 2013 RAW comedy winner Demi Lardner has since been crowned co-winner of So You Think Your Funny at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Competition heats will be held across Australia in January, hosting a battle of wits and courageous comics competing for a chance to appear in the 2014 RAW Comedy final at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April 2014.

If you’ve got what it takes, you can register with RAW Comedy for the Brisbane heats.