Take the pledge and swear to never ignore, commit or excuse violence against women.

Today is White Ribbon Day, wear a white ribbon to show your support for the largest male-led movement to end men’s violence against women.

The Newman Government has contributed $40,000 in funding to White Ribbon Australia to support the campaign. Community Minister Tracy Davis encourages everyone to get involved. The campaign aims to prevent violence and promote the well-being of women across Australia.

“I am urging all Queensland men and boys to take the pledge on Monday by wearing a white ribbon,” Ms Davis said.

The campaign sends out a strong message and hopefully the whole of Australia will be listening.

Five Facts about violence against women according to the 2006 Personal Safety Survey:

1.  40% of women have experienced violence since the age of 15.

2. Over one in ten women who has ever had a boyfriend or husband has experienced sexual violence from a partner in their lifetime.

3. In the twelve months preceding this report in 2006 nearly half a million women were victims of violence.

4. Young women are at a greater risk than older women.

5. One women is killed in Australia every week by a current or former partner.


For more information head to the White Ribbon website www.whiteribbon.org.au

To help make women and families safer across Australia purchase a white ribbon and wear it with pride to show your support.

Did these facts surprise and shock you? Share with us your thoughts.