Dust is a fast-paced, multi-media theatre production which takes the audience on an almighty journey.

Dust, the stage show, provides a peek into Australian homes from the not too distant past and reveals how domestic products exposed families to asbestos, with the characters finding out toothpaste, play dough, hair dryers and cigarette filters were all made with asbestos. Have you checked your shed? Did you check the electric blanket, and the surgical thread?

Asbestos was mined primarily in WA and manufactured by James Hardie Industries. By the 1950’s, a quarter of all houses built in Australia were clad with asbestos cement sheets. It was used by handymen to knock up a boat shed or add an extra room on the family home until the late 1980’s. Their overalls were washed by housewives and the asbestos dust residue was swept up by their children. Currently there are hundreds of people facing asbestos-related illness including lung cancers. The number of illnesses from exposure is expected to peak in the year 2020.

Far from being depressing or polemical, this production is joyous, touching and inspirational. Like the people who battled James Hardie Industries and won, Dust represents guts, determination and the Australian fighting spirit.

Dust will show at the Brisbane Powerhouse from Friday 22 November to Sunday 24 November, for more information visit the Hubcap Productions website.