‘Observations’ is Bernard Ollis’ third solo exhibition and follows his artistic travels and is not only reminiscent of all the exotic places he has visited, but draws upon the feelings and emotions evoked in response to these destinations.

The exhibition takes the viewer from Morocco to Montmartre, to some of Ollis’ favorite haunts in London and to the intense colours and individuality of the city of Brisbane.

Bernard explains, “Some of these locations are revisits to places with fond or nostalgic memories. Some entirely new experiences. As an artist, stepping out of your comfort zone and familiarity is an important visual stimulus. Outsiders often react with fresh eyes.”

With a career spanning over 50 years Ollis is continuously inspired by his memories of visits to these far flung corners of the world. His paintings are vividly colourful, merry depictions of the architecture, waterways and bridges of some of the world’s most iconic cities. While some streetscapes are recognizable, others allude to certain areas but are completely imagined.

In his typical whimsical style Ollis has produced artworks of lush, kaleidoscopic renditions of everyday scenes all over the world. His paintings are whimsical and exude a sense of gaiety and humour.

Bernard will present an Artist Talk on Saturday 13th May from 2pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for art lovers to join Bernard as he delves deep into the inspiration and technique of his artistic practice and life.


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