​Escape to Greece for the morning with this much loved comedy-classic.

​Shirley Valentine by the award-winning Willy Russell, is the story of a rather ordinary middle-class English housewife who rediscovers herself on a vacation to Greece. The play premiered in 1986 and then went on to perform on Broadway before being adapted into a box-office smash-hit film.

The story focuses on a 42-year-old Liverpool mother whose self-esteem has been battered by school, marriage and life in general. When her best friend wins a Greek vacation for two, she grasps the chance to head for the sun, to re-find herself, follow her dreams and to get a new lease on life as Shirley Valentine.

The talented and vibrant Mandi Lodge, star of Patsy Cline, Just The Ticket in 2014 as well as HIT’s Menopause The Musical® In Concert in 2012 helps bring Willy Russell’s Shirley to life with much humour, warmth, sympathy, human insight and a great deal of empathy for the female protagonist. Watch as her character breaks out of the mould in which she was cast by society.

It is a simple and brilliant idea… the profound point of the comedy is the problem we seem to have contemplating the idea of a woman alone – in a pub, on a beach, in a restaurant. This is what Shirley learns to combat as she unravels her own sexual and social identity. The play is not only funny; it is also moving and is as relevant today as when it was first written over 30 years ago.

Treat yourself to a trip to Greece (without leaving the Redlands) and have a laugh with this relatable story of self-discovery.

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