Join us for a delicious afternoon of vegetarian cooking and tastings where YOU get to cook!

Our ASMY chefs are passionate, enthusiastic and experienced in vegetarian nutrition. They will bring you a variety of tasty, easy-to-make nourishing meals.

Vegetarian and vegan cooking does not have to be complicated.

Suitable for both experienced cooks who are on the lookout for different ideas and techniques as well as “I have never cooked a vegetable in my life” newbies, this workshop will have something for everyone.

We know that changing the way you eat or introducing new foods and cooking techniques into your diet can sometimes be overwhelming, so we will be stepping you through a full day’s meals from breakfast to dessert. We have and have put together 7 days of recipes and instructions to give you an inspiring launchpad for your vegetarian cooking adventures.

This fun packed afternoon includes fresh food ideas, vego cooking tips, the opportunity to taste everything you make and a comprehensive cookbook to take home so you can continue to share your new found skills with your family and friends.

LIMITED PLACES – These classes are limited to a maximum of 24.

We’ll have 4 tables of anywhere from 4-6 people per table and you’ll get to cook 4 dishes, a breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweet by rotating from one table to the next.  All dishes will be super healthy and we’ll be giving advice and tips as we cook; as well as a presentation on how to transition into a vegetarian lifestyle.  Being a yoga lifestyle studio, we’ll be giving you a taste of what we have to offer at our studio, so each class will include meditation, some gentle stretching, breathing and kirtan.

We hold three of these classes each year.  Every class is different and we never do the same class twice.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity for an exceptional, intimate interactive environment.

The next classes will be July 8th and Nov 11th – put it in your calendar

Location map: