At this special Mantra Rock Dance, you’ll get to let your hair down and dance and chant to your hearts content.  It is an amazing experience.

Special guest artists and world class musicians, Prahlad & The Chants perform regularly @ The Mantra Room West End.

Rock out!

In a topsy turvy, often chaotic world, meditation can help you to find a place of stillness, serenity and peace within. Through meditation we learn to manage life’s challenges in a practical way.

Meditation is very powerful, more so when done with a group. Group meditation is called Kirtan. Kirtan is group singing and chanting of timeless sacred mantras. Listen, dance, sing, smile, have fun – this is Kirtan.

During kirtan meditation you will find shelter from daily stress and have the opportunity to focus on your inner sanctuary. Meditation will have you feeling positive, energised and able to cope with life’s trials rationally with thoughtfulness and understanding.

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