Still Lives is a series of images that hint at stories, memories and lives extending beyond the frame, beyond the literal into a world where questions that are posed might never be answered.

A cracked broken pot makes way for a flower clinging tenuously to the edge, but how did this happen?

A blue vase materializes from the black silence to hold something vibrant and full of life, but to whom does this belong? What is their story?

An absence of background gives no clues to the viewer, resulting in an absence of context that belies a narrative sitting just out of reach. There is a stillness, a quietude to each image, contrasting the frenetic pace of modern living, giving the viewer the opportunity to pause, even just for a moment, to reflect on the secret lives hidden within and outside of the image.

Scott Raylor is an Australian Fine Art Photographer specialising in a non-literal narrative aspect of art photography. Scott uses a variety of techniques to achieve his beautifully crafted work including, painting in light using torches, long exposures, subtle layering and toning, preceded by extensive research and contemplation.

The botanical subjects of each image are reminiscent of 17th century traditions of Dutch Still Life paintings, where studies in flower compositions were something to behold, things of beauty, pleasurable pieces which were designed to be gazed upon and enjoyed.

Join family, friends, artists, art lovers, and community from Brisbane’s art scene to celebrate the opening of Scott’s exhibition on the 9th of December. The event starts at 6pm with a welcome and speech by Scott, followed by music and light refreshments.

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