The Succulent and Cacti extravaganza is on Saturday 12 November, commencing at 11 am. Designed for dedicated succulent and cacti lovers, this event is purely for those of you who want to buy. There will be no swapping at this event and this is the last event of the year.

There will be loads of succulents, cactus and lithops available. Rare, colourful and unique!!!!

Echeveria’s, sempervivums, kalanchoes, cotyledon, graptopetalum, haworthias, aeoniums, pachyphytum, gasterias, haworthias & lots more!

If your unsure what to get your friends/family for Christmas, this event will be perfect, come a long and pick up a beautiful succulent and pot it  in a unique pot/arrangement. You can’t go wrong.

If you can’t find a baby sitter, do not stress, they have you covered, with a kids section where you can still supervise your children whilst shopping!

There will also be a 4 prize give away raffle and lucky door prize!

Join in the fun at the Succulovers Facebook page.

Location map: