You are going to die.
Maybe today.
This may come as a surprise to you, or not.

Are you ready to meet your maker, kick the bucket, flatline, cross over, push up daisies, sleep with the fishes, RIP…?

Deathfest is about increasing death literacy in our community; and finding a new way to embrace grief.

Metro Arts will be taken over with live art, music, film, visual art, discussions and social events for you to be a part of!

Join a provocative conversation over a glass of wine, listen to personal stories, explore deadly installations or tour a cemetery.

Experience the sensual dance performance Exquisite, a unique opportunity to explore the processes of love and loss with those around us.

Then spill out onto the streets to check out visual art across the city in Fish Lane, Hutton Lane, Eagle Lane and William Jolly Bridge.

Deathfest will be the first arts and culture festival of its kind in Queensland. And it’s for everyone.

Note: Performance time varies everyday.
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Location map: