Govinda Lila dasi & Sundara-nandana dasi will be joining Anah & The West End Collctive for a night of Mantras on the Mount. Guitar, harmonium, guitarlele & drums will accompany Kirtan Meditation singing, this sweet variety will captivate everyone, so this event is perfect for newcomers and old yogis alike.

Mantra meditation is an ancient practice but is especially recommended for the modern day and age. The appeal of Mantras is universal, because a mantra is spiritual in essence, and we are also spiritual in essence, so we can relate to the mantra from the very core of our being.

Rekindling the pure love, (Prema), within our hearts, this process is the ultimate way to to chase the crows of misery & longing from our shoulders and let the light of knowledge and bliss back in.

Rugs, cushions, wall hangings and warm lighting will decorate The Memorial Hall, located just inside the Logan Rd. entry to the Mt. Gravatt Show Grounds, comfortable seating is provided.

Ample parking is available onsite. A delicious vegetarian meal will be served. Event run by donation.

Location map: