Dress up as David Bowie and raise funds for Cancer Council!

Following a 30th Anniversary screening of Labyrinth, participants dressed as David Bowie will gather outside New Farm Cinemas from 5.30pm.

Participants must pay a minimum gold coin donation with all proceeds donated to Cancer Council. Participants will receive a guide with clues, trivia and a list of venues to visit along the way.

From New Farm Cinemas to New Globe Theatre, a selection of venues down Brunswick Street will be alive with Bowie music, themed cocktails and more.

Between 5.30 and 7pm, costumed ‘Bowies’ can stop at a selection of these venues – each offering some kind of Bowie experience (whether it be a food menu item, themed cocktail, or playing Bowie music)

Stop for a drink, listen to some Bowie tunes, meet other fans… even have your photo taken… you don’t know what’s around the corner…

Tickets to Labyrinth movie are $16 from New Farm Cinemas. More information here.

Kick on afterwards at New Globe Theatre’s David Bowie Tribute Night from 7pm.

Location map: