An epic tragedy of envy, love and betrayal!

After their stunning production of Henry V in 2014, Bell Shakespeare returns to RPAC with one of Shakespeare’s most moving and passionate tragedies, Othello. This is a devastating exploration of revenge, racism and wickedness; how a great but flawed man succumbs to jealousy, and how hatred destroys innocence.

The triumphant general Othello, the Moor of Venice, returns from battle to the gratitude of the state and the love of Desdemona, who defies social convention and her father’s will to marry him. Jealousies around their match and Othello’s rise to prominence simmer to the surface. The villainous Iago, an ensign in Othello’s army, holds a grudge after being passed over for a promotion. Consumed with envy, Iago maliciously plots the downfall of his leader.

Written in 1604, Othello has enthralled theatregoers throughout the centuries with its cautionary message about the dangers of the ‘green-eyed monster’. Don’t miss this gripping production directed by Bell Shakespeare’s Artistic Director Peter Evans, starring Ray Chong Nee (The Dream) as Othello and Yalin Ozucelik (Henry IV) as Iago.

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